Zingo Bingo – Birthday Online Bingo Promotion the 28th June

Zingo-Bingo-logoZingo Bingo is one of the most recent and important online bingo sites in the UK. Their motto is that they give the players bingo with a zinggg!, which is never a bad thing. After one year that they have gone live, Zingo Bingo continues to refresh their image and keep up with the vibrant dynamism that defined them upon launch.

Not a thing as too much treats

An online bingo rule is that bingo sites offer big bingo promotions to its players. Every month they send a newsletter with lots of details regarding bonuses opportunities and match up promotions, going from 60% to 100%. However, next week comes a big promotion that goes by the name of Birthday Bash, which will go live the 28th June

Birthday Room

The exclusive Birthday room will feature big prizes, such as an Ipad Mini and tons of Loyalty points, which players will be able to exchange in future dates. This will be accompanied with the launch of a new VIP scheme on the site. Tickets to enter the event are at 25p and are currently on sell, so players can but them at any time. The winner will get the Ipad Mini and the second winner will get an Amazon Kindle.  Other top finalists will get a £50 shopping voucher, among other small incentives.

Zingo Bingo launched in the beginning of 2012. The site received a lot of coverage from the media, featuring a lots of different games and an original design.


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