Why the biggest bingo pay-outs make good business sense?


Bingo cards by sarae, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  sarae 

The online bingo world has grown inexorably over the last decade. But this is quite a crowded marketplace which is good news for players because it means the various big bingo providers have to fight increasingly hard for our business. This, in turn, means bigger prizes, bigger welcome bonuses and on-going promotions, and more creativity in the games. The latter point is very important; bingo gamers aren’t serious gamblers in the way that casino players may like to see themselves. No-one is really playing online bingo in a serious bid to make a steady profit – they’re playing mainly for the fun of the games and, increasingly, the online socialisation opportunities they offer. But the ever-present chance of a life-changing win is always at the back of our minds, at least, so the enormous prizes are great for marketing purposes.

Also, more and more sites are offering online free bingo more info for players about the games and the ways in which they may enter for free prize draws etc., and all this is a reflection of the competitiveness of the industry.

The big bingo sites are also competing via advertising with some of the bigger names buying mainstream advertising on terrestrial and satellite TV channels – and via publicity. And it’s in this latter area that the big PR coup is up for grabs via sites offering ever bigger wins. One really big progressive jackpot win can generate hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of free publicity for a site – and generate lots of new business – which is why they do it.

Furthermore, the progressive jackpots build steadily via a small contribution from all players – so the bigger the site gets with more players through its advertising and PR, the bigger the progressive jackpots get – and the bigger the resultant publicity. In other words; success breeds success. So for all these reasons, the biggest bingo pay-outs can make a lot of good business sense.

One really big win can help put a site on the map, but it’s a tough call for the smaller sites as to whether a loss-making jackpot is worth it for the coverage it will generate. But the important point for us bingo players is that it’s all grist to the mill – the more competition there is on the supply side, the better things are for us players on the demand side of the equation.

One punter who really appreciates this equation is John Orchard from Lincolnshire. Last year, the 60 year-old former Jobcentre worker managed to get his very own entry in the Guinness Book of World Records courtesy of winning the biggest online bingo prize in the history of the game with a win totalling £5.9m. In doing so, John overtook the previous record set by ‘Georgios M’, – a 36-year-old Greek businessman who won €6.3million a couple of years earlier.

But the way things are going – it surely won’t be too long before someone else tops even these wins. Will it be you?


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