Who are the big casino cheats?

mit teamIf you have ever spent any time in a casino or even playing casino games online, it is bound to cross your mind as to whether there is any way that you could cheat the system in order to increase your chances of winning.

While any attempt to cheat at casino games would obviously be illegal and is not something to be encouraged, over the years there have been a number of people who have tried to turn luck in their favour.

In this article we take a look at a few of their stories.

Ron Harris

Ron Harris had a fair bit of insider knowledge of gambling – particularly when it came to slot machines. Working in Nevada, it was his job to ensure that only computer chips that were approved by the state of Nevada were being used in casino slot machines. By duplicating the random number generator, Harris was able to predict outcomes however he got caught having pocketed $100,000.

Edward Thorp

Credited with having devised the first card counting system, Thorp was a university professor who was wan expert in probability. His specialty was blackjack, however rather than using it to gain an illegal advantage against casinos, he published a book which became a best-seller.

MIT Blackjack Team

University students took a team approach to counting cards at Blackjack tables, using statistics and probability to elevate card counting to a whole new level. Their exploits inspired the movie 21.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Roulette is not an easy casino game to cheat at, but Garcia-Pelayo managed to do it. Garcia-Pelayo’s controversial gambling career began with a theory that roulette wheels were not perfectly random – he then spent hours analysing results and testing probability theories. By determining which numbers were more likely to fall. After initial successful tests in the casinos of Madrid, Garcia-Pelayo brought his theories to Las Vegas where they earned him millions. Realising that he had found an advantage, the Las Vegas casinos banned him from playing, but he challenged the ban in the Supreme Court who supported his contention that he had done nothing illegal.

Dominic LoRiggio

Craps and blackjack were the games favoured by Dominic LoRiggio – also known as The Dominator. LoRiggio obtained his advantage after years and years of practice. His favoured technique that he developed was known as “controlled shooting” – a technique that enabled him to get your preferred roll when playing craps. Controlling two dice is virtually impossible, but LoRiggio claims that he was able to do it through simple physics.

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus was a blackjack and baccarat dealer in Las Vegas. His time spent behind the casino tables gave him insights into how to scam casinos out of money – a scam that earned him millions of dollars. Essentially Marcus was adept at the sleight of hand – using two red $5 chips and one brown $500 chip. To the dealer it appeared to be a $15 bet. If the bet lost, Marcus was would replace the $500 chip so that he only lost $15, however if the bet one he would point out the correct value of the bet to the dealer and collect his winnings.

Trying to cheat at casino games generally ends badly, but it’s always interesting to read about how people have tried to improve their luck.


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