What You Need to Know About Bingo Cruises

bingo cruiseBingo is known as a social game. It’s something where you can entertain yourself both from the game itself and from the people that you get to play with. From the traditional bingo games played in bingo halls filled to the brim with old people, to the virtual bingo “rooms” found on social media sites like Facebook (Bingo Blitz, anyone?), the social aspect of bingo is one of the many things that endear people to it.

With that said, have you ever heard of a “bingo cruise?” Did you even know that there’s such a thing? Think of it as a relaxing bingo vacation on the high seas. It’s taking the social aspect of bingo up to its highest levels; you can party, dine, chill out, swim, soak up the sun- all in the midst of a bingo-centered environment and with fellow bingo fans.

A bingo cruise is usually BOTH a bingo event and a full-featured cruise. There are mini-tournaments and games all over the ship almost 24/7, plus all the familiar cruise trappings such as fine dining, deck parties, onboard entertainment, destination stops, and many more.

Take for example Carnival Cruise Lines. This cruising line had been offering bingo cruises since 1989, making them one of the oldest companies in the bingo-slash-vacation industry. Not only is the company known for its cruises to exotic destinations such as Belize and the Carribean, it’s also the host of the Bingo Bugle’s Bingo Tournament and Gaming Cruise, an event that brings together some of the biggest bingo fans together in an 8-day cruise on the Carribean isles. This year, the event will be held from November 1 to 9, and will feature stops on islands such as the Grand Turk, Aruba, Curacao, and La Romana.

Princess Cruises, on the other hand, hosts the World Championship Bingo Tournament; this year will already be the event’s 26th iteration. The cruise’s All-Inclusive package comes complete with a round-trip plane ticket to Seattle, accommodation to a pre-cruise hotel, and a complete buy-in to 100 games of Championship bingo. Guaranteed cash prizes amount to more than $80,000.

So is a bingo cruise the right vacation for you? That depends on how well you love the game. Take note that bingo will be the focal point of all the cruise’s activities on board. There will be bingo EVERYWHERE. From casual games where you can win small amounts of money and knick-knacks, to full-scale tournaments that net you prizes that can reach up to thousands of dollars- it’s a bingo lover’s heaven.

A friendly tip: Don’t go for the games alone. You can play and win bingo games anywhere, but the cruise experience is something that you don’t get to do everyday. As we’ve said, bingo is a social game- a cruise is even more so. Make sure that you make friends on your cruise trip. The ship ride might only last a week, but the friends that you make on the cruise can last you forever. Bingo, new friends, and a high end cruise experience- what more can you ask for.


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