Weirdest happening in Bingo Games history

clip-art-bingo-232698Bingo games mean a lot to many folks out there. They are the “break” after a long week of work and married life. While playing bingo games, they can forget about their problems and job related issues, letting them immerse themselves in a game that doesn’t require too much of a mental input. Nonetheless, bingo games are a serious matter for it players… which brings us to a weird happening in a bingo hall.

This Saturday Austin Whaley got arrested after yelling the most iconic word of bingo games and that is… (yes, you guessed it!) BINGO! A crowded bingo hall would never be the same after the scream, when pandemonium broke loose after the Whaley did his thing.

“When they realized it wasn’t a real bingo, they started hooting and hollering and yelling and cussing,” arresting police officer Richard Webster told the media. “People take their bingo very seriously.”

The first Bingo apology

However, Whaley did get a chance to back down on his actions and rectify his evil doing. The officer gave him a chance to apologize, action that would have ended everything. What did happen is that Whaley refused to apologize, which resulted in his conduct charge and in one of the most weird casino news in recent history.

“Instantly, the officer grabbed my hand, handcuffs me and then takes me into the back of his cruiser,” Whaley told the media.

90 Days without Bingo Games

This apology almost costed Whaley 90 days in jail and a $250 fine for his doings However, the judge opted for a less hectic punishment and simply ordered the young man to stay away from any bingo hall. He also prohibited the young man of utilizing the word “bingo” for six months. Whaley isn’t taking the punishment too seriously, as it can be seen on his conduct on NBC some days ago.

“I tried to say it backward, like ‘o-bing,’ or something along the lines of that,” he told NBC. “Kids out there – don’t say bingo in the bingo hall!”



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