Uncommon Bingo Variants that Bingo Fans Should Play At Least Once

BuzzwordBingoThese are not the bingo games that your grandma is used to.

The thing about bingo is that the mechanics is so simple and straightforward that it’s easy enough to make multiple variations of the game just to spice things up every now and then. With that said, let’s kick off the new year with a few quirky bingo variants that you can play with your bingo-crazy friends.

30-ball Bingo

Want to speed things up a notch? Then try 30-ball bingo! It’s played exactly the same way as the usual 75-ball or the 90-ball UK variation. The cards are composed of only 9 numbers, arranged in 3×3 grid. Because of the lesser number of balls that will be drawn out, the play can be extremely fast-paced (this is why the game is also called as “Speed Bingo”). The first player to completely fill out his/her card wins.

U-Pick ‘Em Bingo

If you’re familiar with Keno, then you already have an idea with how U-Pick ‘Em bingo is played. Players select the numbers on their cards which they want to wager on beforehand. The winning numbers will be announced on the subsequent ball draw.

Swedish Bingo

Aside from the UK, one of the most bingo-crazy countries in the world is Sweden. They also have their own version of the game, called Swedish Bingo, which is essentially played the same way as the usual 75-ball bingo. The difference is the cards used for the game. In 75-ball, the middle number in the 5×5 card is usually left free; in Swedish bingo, this space has to be filled in when its number is called. Due to this, it is more difficult to score a “bingo” in Swedish bingo than the regular variant.

Novelty Bingo Variants

Now we have other forms of bingo where numbers and balls are exchanged for unique bric-a-bracs and situations. And best of all, even if you don’t play for money, you can still get a lot of kick out of playing just for the sake of the game alone. Here are a few examples:

Buzzword Bingo

Do you often roll your eyes at your boss who loves to throw nonsensical workplace jargon (i.e. business penetration, facilitate, pipeline, user-centric, Web 3.0, etcetera) during meetings? Buzword bingo (aka b*llshit bingo) is for you! Play it with your coworkers and officemates. Just fill out a blank card divided into 5×5 squares with some of the workplace terms and buzzwords that you find irritating. Next time there’s an “industry speaker” or some hotshot executive doing a talk at your office, make sure to get your buzzword bingo cards out and turn that boring meeting into something fun.

Roadkill Bingo

The name of the game speaks for itself. While not the most…appealing out of all the bingo variants out there, it is probably the only one which you can play on long drives. Mechanics is simple: place the pictures of 24 random animals on a grid and then mark them off when you see a dead one on the road (i.e. roadkill).


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