Top tips for Safer, more Responsible Gambling

3d render of a balanced protection sign  on the casino tableGambling is a great hobby that’s enjoyed by people worldwide, and it’s clear to see why. It’s fun, thrilling, energetic, and best of all, can potentially win you some money! However, as you are aware, it’s not without its risks. That’s why some people choose to stay away from it altogether, but as long as you’re responsible and are aware of your habits at the casino, whether online or traditional, you should be fine when it comes to playing safely.

If you’d like some extra tips, we’ve listed some to help keep you secured as a responsible, safe gambler.

Don’t consider gambling as a way to make money

Whilst that might be an attractive part of gambling, it should never be the main incentive for doing so. That’s a sure fire way to end up disappointed or out of pocket. Instead, treat it as a fun hobby that you can dedicate some of your money and time to, without it getting out of hand or taking over your life. That way, if you do win, it’ll be a big bonus!

Set yourself a time limit

It’s a good idea to set a responsible and realistic time to dedicate to gambling either a week or month so that you don’t find yourself gambling more than you think you should, and increasingly more often. Even if you feel your luck increasing, you should call it quits when your time is up, and walk away until next time.

Gamble when you’re feeling good

Gambling when you’re having a bad day or feeling down is likely to not make you feel much better, particularly if you don’t win. You’re also more likely to spend more as you’ll be chasing a high in the form of a win, which can end up being costly if luck isn’t on your side that day.

Be wary of your behaviour and activities

You should assess your behaviour regularly when you take up gambling, to make sure that it’s not changing the way you behave towards others or even yourself. Likewise, keep an eye on whether it’s effecting your usual social life, work life, family life or general activities you enjoy. This is a good way to make sure it’s not taking over your life and becoming a problem.

Avoid drinking alcohol whilst gambling

There’s a reason why casinos give out free or discounted alcohol – it’s because they know it helps you lose your inhibitions and impairs your judgement. So you should avoid it if you want to gamble responsibly and effectively, so that you will remain 100% in control of your own actions. Stick to soft drinks whilst you’re out, or when you’re playing online at home too.


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