Top Tips for Beating Casino Strategies and Tactics

Flying cards is in the hand of lucky gamblerIf you’re an avid fan of visiting the casino with the hope of winning big or simply for a bit of fun, you’ll have no doubt discovered or heard about some of the casino strategies and tactics out there that aim to keep your winnings down.

Whilst there is never a guarantee as to how you can win big (or any at all) there are certainly ways in which you can increase your chances of success. These will generally involve getting to grips with typical casino tactics and beating them. Whilst we provide no warranty for that, here are some tips to give it a damn good go…

Know the odds

Whilst this may seem like overly basic advice, it’s worth mentioning, especially as so many players assume they have an edge over the casino. Regardless of how good you are or how much experience you have, or what technique you use, it’s the job of the casino to keep their money in house. Therefore the odds are stacked (usually pretty heavily) in their favour, and while you may win in the short term, you will eventually lose. Keeping this in mind will be beneficial when it comes to not getting ahead of yourself.

Know what to look for in a machine

If you know what you’re looking for in terms of odds and success rates, you’ll find it’s surprisingly easy to see where the odds are the worst. Casinos make the games with the worst odds the most attractive visually; by illuminating them up with flashing lights and bright colours. So as a general rule, to better your odds; stick to the darker side of the room with less gimmicky machines.

Keep your eye on the clock

Ever noticed that very few casinos have clocks, or even windows? There’s actually a reason for that. They don’t want you to be aware of how long you’ve been there, so take control of that yourself by wearing a watch or keeping your phone near you at all times. Keep a track of how long you’ve been sat at a table or machine. A good trick is the 15 minute rule – if you’ve been at the same location for more than 15 minutes and you haven’t won or even broken even, it’s time to move on and leave.

Keep drinking whilst playing to a minimum

Or better still; don’t drink at all whilst you’re playing. It’s definitely no secret that drinking impairs your judgement, and when you accompany that with gambling, it’s very unlikely to be a winning combination. When playing for money you should always be of a sound, focused mind, so ditch the beer and opt for a coke instead. The waiting staff will usually try to tempt you, so a good trick to escape them is to tell them you’re the designated driver. They should leave you alone then.


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