Top Bingo Games for the iOS in 2014

bingoBingo is not solely for your grandparents anymore. Technology has given us the opportunity to play this relaxing game from the comfort of our homes- no need to go to a stuffy bingo hall to play!

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular bingo apps that you could download on your iOS device:

Bingo Lane HD by Gamesys

Bingo Lane has its own mascots: Wonderballs! These are animated characters that definitely add a new twist of fun to the traditional bingo gameplay that most of us are used to. The graphics are in HD (high-definition), so you can feast your eyes on the gorgeous cartoony rooms and animations. Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, the game just released a room that is specifically themed after the famous Irish holiday. Download it now and try your luck!

Bingo Shootout by Spicerack Media

Want to make bingo more fun and exciting? Then put a ticking time limit to it! This is the premise behind Bingo Shootout, an innovative new game from Spicerack Media. Players are given 60 seconds to make the most bingos as they possibly could. Aside from your ability to beat the clock, this game also tests how accurate your bingo daubbing skills are.

Bingo Bash HD by BitRhymes Inc.

Bingo Bash prides itself on being the only bingo game that managed to land in Apple’s list of top apps for 2013- and it’s easy to see why. It’s free to play (but you can pay for extra in-game item packs) and it has a huge repertoire of interesting game features. For example, you can still earn coins and bingo chips even if you don’t get a bingo through the various gems and game coins scattered randomly throughout your cards. Leveling up also allows you access to various “cities”; this changes up the graphics of the playing area and gives you a new set of items to collect.

Bingo Pop by Uken Games

If you want to play in real-time against thousands of players (just like in a real bingo hall), then Bingo Pop is for you. Players can collect exotic game stages, in-game rewards, postcards, and bonuses. This app also combines bingo with another favorite- slots! Bonus rounds are played through a traditional slots interface. It’s almost like getting two games in one. Don’t like playing with other players? That’s okay, you can go for the single player option since the app can also be played offline.

Bingo Heaven by 12 Gigs Inc.

Though the graphics and animations are not that flashy, Bingo Heaven puts an exciting variation on traditional bingo gameplay. Instead of stopping the game when someone gets a bingo, a round receives a limited number of balls which all players must work with. It’s a pretty exciting concept and it’s something you can only appreciate when you try it out yourself.

Bingo Blitz by Buffalo Studios

The number one bingo game on Facebook…now on the iOS! The app pretty much has all the features that can be found on the Facebook version. It’s still fun and the exciting tournaments and bonus rounds are all there.


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