The Six Types of Players that You’ll See Playing Inside a Bingo Hall

bingoThere is a lot to like about bingo. It’s a game that is easy to set up and play- no special skill, talent, or knowledge needed. Just grab a card, sit, and wait for a bunch of numbers to be called. It also has a special distinction as being one of the few gambling games that do not have any accompanying social taboo (compared to “controversial” games such as poker of blackjack). There are no scandals and cheats in bingo- everything is just pure clean fun.


This is the reason why the game attracts a wide variety of players from all over the personality spectrum- there are those who play for money, while there are those who play solely for fun. Bingo is open to everyone. With that said, here are some of the curious personalities that you would commonly meet inside a bingo hall:

1. The Grandparent


Yes, it might be a bit cliche, but there really are a lot of old people in brick-and-mortar bingo halls. A bingo hall is like a Grandparents’ Casino. They get too play without too much noise and other distractions bothering them.

2. The Socializer


A bingo hall is not just a place where people play bingo, it’s also a place where friends and families can go socialize. It’s pretty much the same with how people flock to coffee shops to catch up on each other’s lives. The only annoying thing about Socializers is that they can get too noisy inside the hall, since they would rather focus on the socializing aspect of bingo rather than the playing.

3. The Card Hoarder


Are you one of those people who always play the maximum number of cards that you can possibly play? Then you might be a Card Hoarder. A Card Hoarder is easy to spot, he or she is that one player who occupies a lot of space at a table, with cards strewn all around him/her. Doesn’t matter if he or she can keep track all of the cards at the same time, the important thing is that the Card Hoarder gets to play as many cards as possible.

4. The I’m-Not-Supposed-to-Be-Here Player


This kind of player perpetually looks bored and weary. Like he or she is supposed to be doing other more important things rather than play bingo. But why? Well, there could be a lot of reasons. Maybe this person doesn’t really like the game and was just dragged there by a family member and friend, or maybe this player is just on a horrible losing streak. We’ll never know.

5. The I’m-In-It-to-Win-It Player


This kind of player is here not to play, but to win. He or she just buys the right amount of cards, plays cautiously and is always all-ears to the dealer. This player might also be a bit superstitious, and as such, has a lot of good luck charms and other knick knacks on the table.

6. The Hipster


Bingo might be for all (not just people), but the Hipster just likes to rub it in other people’s faces that he or she is playing it to show off his or her love for old things. The Hipster may or may not be in love with the game. You can spot this player through the outfit he or she wears: horn-rimmed glasses, mustaches (for guys), workman boots, and plaid shirts.


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