The main tricks Casinos use on you to get you to spend more cash

Consummate mastery of magicianYou probably won’t be too surprised to hear that casinos will do pretty much whatever they can to get you to stay in their establishment for as long as possible, without breaking any laws, of course. A lot of the main tricks they use are likely to be unobvious to the majority of us, especially if you’re completely new to gambling.

Therefore we thought we’d list some of the main ones to look out for and consider for next time you head to the casino.

Free alcoholic drinks

One of the most common and costly tricks casinos use to keep you there as long as possible and keep you spending your cash is to provide you with waitress service that will include free alcoholic drinks.

They don’t provide you with free drinks because they’re generous – it’s so that you’ll lose your inhibitions and make more reckless decisions with your money that you probably wouldn’t make sober. Sure, take advantage of the freebies and have a couple, but make sure you stay in control to stay ahead.

No idea of time of day

You might not have even thought about this, but most casinos don’t have clocks in them, and they tend to be windowless too. This is so that the customers inside will lose track of time and will lose the sense of the day, and so you won’t consider how long you’ve been there for. This will help you to focus on the game in hand and spending more money.

This is one of the main things that puts people off from visiting physical casinos, and it’s not that surprising, really. If you fancy giving online gambling a go, you can Play for free on Supergaminator and lots of other great sites, too.

Huge jackpots

Another key strategy casinos tend to use is by offering ridiculously huge payouts and jackpots from some of the games or mostly on the machines. This is because they know that if you’re walking past a slot machine for example, and see a jackpot of £50,000 being advertised, you’re likely to sit down and give it a go. And if you give it a go once, you’re more likely to keep going and spending more cash.

Celebrity appearances and tournaments

Another thing that some casinos offer are things like celebrity games and appearances as part of their experience. This is so that people will head there just to meet them or at least watch them play, and will hopefully spend some money whilst they’re there. After all, even if you’re not a tournament poker player, you might consider playing just to rub elbows with a famous person.


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