The evolution of online slots

images (1)In the last decade, online slots games have come to a whole different level. With the rise of online entertainment, the casino experience has transcended casinos altogether. Just like many believed that dvd players would kill cinemas, physical presence casinos have faced the same kind of attention by know it all critics, always forbidding the demise of this pillars of the entertainment industry. However just like dvd players, online casinos for USA players have diverged business, offering a new alternative, while letting those who love the excitement of a casino floor the chance of visiting a casino.

Even so, for the first time, now players can play their favorite slots from the palm of their hand. The enjoyment of seeing the wheel spin has never been sweeter, now that the player can do it from the comfort of work or their own bed.


With the evolution of online casinos, online slots gmaes have done their fair share of growth. Now sporting incredible graphics and sounds, they are at the top of their game. Almost every big property from videogames, movies, series, comics among others now has a mandatory slot version for the enthusiasts. Such has been the steady pace of new offerings, that now players can even play free slots online, without inputting any money. In the majority of places, this is a way for players to try the mechanics of a slot before playing for real money. Even so, with this mass diversification of slots, new kinds of slots have started to emerge (i.e slots lv),  factor which will be covered in the next paragraphs.

Progressive Marvels

The online slots experience can take different forms. There are highroller, classic and exclusively themed slots, but there is only one kind of slots that can grant the user a huge jackpot… those being progressive slots. Progressive slots jackpots can easily surpass two millions of dollars, making progressive slots the kind of slot for those looking for a big win.

The dynamic of this kind of slots is pretty straightforward. Each time a player presses the spin button, a small percentage of the gamble goes to a common jackpot, whose winnings are generated from a large group of slots. The tricky part is that progressive slots tend to give fewer winnings than common sots. Looking the matter from other angle, the player gets fewer winnings at the expenses of a mega win.

For example, if a progressive slot gets the 5% of the gamble made by the player, the payout given by the progressive slot  in case of a win will be less of the 95%. Add to this some points casinos normally deduct and this percentage becomes even lower. Be warned, this is an example, every casino has different mechanics.

Best of the Best?

By this point, players may ask, are progressive slots really the best slots available out there? Well, the answer for which ones are the best online casino games lies in the player. It is a fact that their payout is lower than that of non-progressive slots. A recommendation we give you is to spare money particularly for progressive slots, as they could offer a bit of frustration. What can make them the best slots is that players won’t find other kind of slot that can give a jackpot that goes over the million mark. Check our website for further slots review.



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