Scoring Big on Bingo Blitz

blitzBingo Blitz, made by Buffalo Studios, was one of the Facebook games that were at the forefront of the social gaming trend. It basically revolutionized the way people play casual bingo; instead of recreating the dull and stuffy environment that is usually associated with real-life bingo halls, Bingo Blitz offered a more exciting, fun, and social option. “It’s not your grandma’s bingo!” as Buffalo Studios describe its flagship game. Bingo Blitz is a game specifically designed to cater to the needs of the Facebook generation.

What’s So Special About Bingo Blitz

First off, unlike ordinary bingo, you need both luck and skill to become a good Bingo Blitz player. The mechanics is practically the same as your regular 75 or 90-ball bingo: a player can play up to four cards and daub the numbers as they are called.

But what sets Bingo Blitz apart is that its players will be competing against each other in real-time to earn items, power-ups, experience points, and extra credits.

Bingo Blitz issues its players with daily free credits which are primarily used to purchase tickets (whose prices vary from room to room). If you want to earn more tickets, you need to complete collections or earn a Team Mate credit bonus. Games are played in rooms; once there are enough players who hit a bingo, the game ends and everyone receives their winnings in the form of coins (which can be spent on the in-game shop).

Spicing Up Your Game Through Power-Ups

The skill aspect of Bingo Blitz lies in power-up management. You get power-ups by earning them as you play along or by buying them at the in-game store. Some of the common power-ups inlude Double XP, Double Payout, Instant Win, Treasure Square, Single Daub, and Coin Square.

The Daily Tournament room is one of the two tournament rooms in the game. If you want to maximize your chances at this room, it’s best to remember these two things:

1. Collect as much power-ups as you can beforehand. Do this by playing in other rooms first as much as possible before joining the Daily Tournament.

2. Get rid of “unnecessary” power-ups and keep only those that you’ll need for your strategy.

For example, if you want to rely on Instant Wins to get through the tournament (Instant Wins are power-ups that can win you a bingo instantly if you daub a selected number), you need to get at least five Instant Win power-ups in your collection. To collect these power-ups, you need to play non-tournament games, but not necessarily win them. Remember, your goal is to collect Instants, so you need to use up all other power-ups and save Instants when you receive them. This means resisting the temptation to use an Instant during, as well as avoiding to daub numbers that contain treasure chests.

Some people prefer collecting Double Daubs. The drawback of Instants is that they can only be used once per game. A Double Daub (a power-up that can give you two free marks per card) can be used multiple times, and is particularly useful instances wherein you just need a couple more numbers to get a bingo.


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