Robin Hood Bingo – Online Bingo Review

news3805The time has come to review one of the most emblematic online bingo sites around. Named after the famed thief who gave the poor riches from the wealthy, Robin Hood Bingo assures its players they will have their own guardian angel making them win money. As online bingo sites go, Robin Hood Bingo has covered all the basics, making it a top notch online bingo offering.

Bonuses and Game Variety

An online bingo site wouldn’t be too attractive without some cute bonuses. Robin Hood Bingo offers an incredible daily bonus of 50 to 1,000 free coins. This is just for logging into the site, so you will always have some coins to have fun. Apart from this, they offer regular promotions and tournaments for those looking for bigger events. If one thing doesn’t lack in Robin Hood Bingo is novelty and as far as online bingo sites go, Robin Hood Bingo is filled with it.

Robin Hood Bingo offers a wide variety of games, with around 120 games. They also offer many online slots and casino games, so if you are in the mood of a break of online bingo, you have somewhere to go. Common classics such as Bejeweled, Cleopatra and Sugar Train are featured.


Any online bingo site cannot work correctly without a solid community. Robin Hood Bingo has one of the biggest and most loved communities out there. The site always encourages you to invite your buddies so they join the action. They have numerous social networking sites, to expect to witness the fun via Facebook and Twitter. There is nothing better than feeling you are part of a large and friendly community, something which Robin Hood Bingo archives in a complete manner. If you want to know more, you can read the benefits of Chatting in Online Bingo.

 Security and Attention Center

Security is essential on any online bingo site and Robin Hood doesn’t disappoint. Working with proven security debarments, they offer high encryption methods that will make disappointment literally impossible In addition; they offer a solid attention center, so any question you may have will be quickly answered. They have mail, online chat and even phone support. However, things are just so clear from the get go that you definitely won’t need to contact the attention center.

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