A Quick and Easy Guide to Bingo Patterns

bingoBingo has been around for ages although some people are rediscovering it just now making it necessary to dabble on the basics of this game. Among the most important things about bingo that you would have to learn if it is something that you would like to try are the bingo patterns. The primary thing that you need to have to play bingo is concentration as you will need it when marking cards. But, aside from that, you also need to learn what pattern should be followed. With the growing popularity of online bingo, there is much to learn especially for the younger set that are not too familiar with the game. Here’s a quick review of bingo patterns that are used in the game:

Blackout Pattern

This is, perhaps, the easiest bingo pattern and anyone can understand this as there are no tricks when it comes to a blackout pattern. Here, all you need to do in order to win the game is to mark off all boxes in the card. There are 25 boxes in a card with a blank one at the center, so all the numbers in those 24 squares should have been called for you to win. The first one to mark off all numbers is proclaimed to be the winner. This is a classic pattern and every bingo player, even the newbies, know what it is.

Standard/Static Pattern

As the name goes, this pattern is something that the player cannot change and once the player marks off all the boxes forming the pattern, he or she wins. It is quite simple to follow this pattern and some examples are chair, airplane and baseball diamond.

Moving Pattern

This is a quick study, and, as the name implies, the pattern changes at least once for the duration of the game. In this game, you have the chance of winning as many times as the pattern changes. For instance, if the first pattern is a horizontal lines and someone completes it, that person is the winner for the game but the game doesn’t stop, a new pattern is introduced and the game continues with that new pattern. If the second pattern happens to be another horizontal line parallel to the first one, and you get that pattern, you win again.

Wild Bingo Pattern

These patterns can be a bit too overwhelming especially when you are still a newbie. With this pattern, you will find bingo cards all over the place and unlike the moving pattern, the patterns in wild bingo are pretty much static but it can be anywhere in the card so it’s a bit complicated especially when you are still starting to play while looking out for this kind of pattern. There are several patterns to choose from including explosion and Broken Frame.

Crazy Bingo

Another bingo pattern that players should be wary of is the crazy pattern which can make anyone a tad confused. With this pattern, players can maximize their chances of winning because they can rotate the patterns by ninety, one eighty or even two hundred seventy degrees.


Bingo has certainly provided a lot of fun to people who are interested in getting entertained without having to dwell into studying several strategies. However, every newbie needs to know the basics and in this case, the basic bingo patterns. Bingo remains to be one of the easiest games to play and there is no denying that, given the number of people who are interested in trying their hand at this social game. With the popularity of bingo in many online sites, it will not be too difficult for people to play the game from their mobile devices especially if they know the kind of bingo patterns that could possibly be the pattern for the next game.


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