Which are the most popular casino games?

machinesThere are so many different ways to gamble, from horse-racing to Pub fruit machines. In fact you can gamble on anything that has an uncertain outcome, such as a camel race in Morocco to cane toad races in Australia, if you are wanting to take a punt then there is bound to be someone there willing to give you some odds (as long as it is legal, of course).

One of the easiest ways to gamble is to go to a casino. Casinos have a huge range of gambling options, and all sorts of different games – from slot machines, to electronic games, and all the table games that have been popularised by characters such as James Bond who seems to make winning easy and martinis drinkable.

But which are the most popular casino games? Of course it varies a bit depending on where you are in the world, and the advent of online casinos has also shaken things up a little. In this article we give you an overview of which games have stood the test of time and been embraced by gamblers around the world.


Perhaps the most iconic of casino games, this is also one of the easiest to play. Chose your numbers, place your bet, and then hope that the spinning ball lands in your favour.


Particularly popular in casinos in Asia, this is an electronic lottery number game. Randomly selected numbers are called out and players must match the numbers in order to win prizes.


If you’ve never played Baccarat before it can seem complicated, but in reality it is actually quite a simple game. Essentially it is a card game and you are betting on who has the hand that adds up to a total that is closest to ten.


Bingo is one of the classic betting games where players have to match numbers (which are randomly selected) to the numbers that are on their card. The first person to get a line of numbers yells out ‘Bingo!’ and they win a prize. A good game of Bingo often depends on the personality of the person who is calling the numbers out – with catch-phrases such as ‘Two Fat Ladies’ and ‘Legs Eleven’ to describe each number, there is a lot of fun to be had.


Easy to understand and simple to play, but fairly difficult to win. It is you versus the dealer and the goal is to have the hand that is closest to 21.


One of the few dice games that you will find in casinos around the world, there is a lot of excitement and energy around a game of craps. The betting can be a little difficult to understand at first.


There are a number of variations of this game, but this is the most popular casino card game in the world. With a five-card hand, players are playing against each other to secure the best hand.

Paid Gow is one of the popular variations on traditional Poker. In the game of Pai Gow the players are playing against the house instead of each other.


So many games, so many casinos, but so little time to enjoy them all.


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