¡Online Bingo reaches Facebook!

imagesFacebook is the most visited site in the internet, being the biggest social network ever created. In early 2012, Bingo Friendzy become the first online bingo game in Facebook, offering players the chance of real gambling  and some neat Bingo Games through the social network.

888 enter Facebook

Having millions of users, Facebook rightfully exploited, has a huge market for online gambling. The first online casino to enter the action is the gambling titan 888, in a joint venture with Facebook; they will become the first online casino on Facebook. Expect to see a lot of online bingo options with this venture.

UK players are the Lucky Ones

UK will be the first place to get a chance of trying the online casino experience over the Facebook. As many know, the UK online casino scene is carefully regulated and only those individuals over 18 years old will be granted access to the experience. Many groups are wary of this venture, as they believe the safeguards made by Facebook are not thorough enough and that in a matter of time, UK will be filled with minor gambling addicts. It is yet to be seen if this theory is indeed based on something real or just pure conjecture. What we can say is that Facebook and 88h have publicly shared that new measures will be taken to ensure that the experience is only lived by individuals over 18 years old

In Bingo Talisman, we believe this motion by 888 and Facebook is a necessary one. Individuals at Facebook will surely appreciate to have online bingo games at the grasp of a click while commenting of liking photos. Special measures will be taken to ensure that only persons over 18 can be able to enter, so there is really no harm within this. Obviously some minors will be able to hijack the security measures, but as every new venture, refinements are made over time. For more news of online bingo and bingo games in general, keep checking our blog.




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