Online Bingo promotions for Mother’s ‎day!

i_love_bingo_happy_mothers_day_card-p137066878442612745b21fb_400I believe we can all agree women and online bingo are the two best creations the universe has ever made. We could even say that every day should be Mother’s ‎day, as mothers don’t get enough credit. Combining both online bingo and Mother’s ‎day we get an amazing result… some incredible online bingo promotions for Mother’s ‎day!

Special day Wonder!

Winner Bingo is giving to all mothers out there a terrific online bingo promotion to take advantage of their special day. Today they are giving massive jackpot bingo games starting at 5pm Uk time, so anyone can join the party before midnight. This Sunday 10th March is hitting hard, including Winner Bingo a swooping £50,000 in prizes.

£50,000 in prizes!

Even if there will be a guaranteed £50,000 in prizes, many events have already been marked so players can organize to attend to the events. The highlights of this special Mother’s ‎day are £2,500 bingolinx at 6pm‎, £4,000 bingolinx at 10.30pm‎‎ and in nightfall, when the last curtain falls… the Night Mother’s ‎day roll, which will consist of a constant stream of £1,500 prizes so all the possible players can go home with a filled pocket and a new story to tell

We should clarify that there are going to be a whole other set of events during today, being those we put on the article the highlights. Fun will be constant until the crack of the 11th March, so if you are an online bingo fanatic and want a shot at some amazing prizes, get that computer fired up.

Exclusive Ticket

If you don’t have enough time to play your way through the games, do not worry, as online bingo masters Winners Bingo have provided of exclusive tickets, which give you a chance winning even if you are not playing. This is a very strange happening as it really can give the thousands of daily players that attend Winner Bingo numerous chances to get free prizes for a very small fee.

As an online bingo games blog, we are always trying to get you the most attractive promotions around the web. Give it your all to honor Mothers all around the world playing some online bingo with fantastic prizes

Don’t forget to enter the fun and win some amazing prizes by clicking Winner Bingo



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