Online Bingo granny takes $250.000!

Bingo-BallsThey say lucks runs with the elderly and this online bingo news proves it. In West Yorkshire, a grandmother hit it huge making her the luckiest online bingo player alive. The win was made playing in Ladbrokes Bingo, one of the most important active online bingo webs in the present.

The granny in her lates forties, begun by having a blessing from santa himself last Christmas, when she whooped the house with $31.000. This online bingo news rocked the site, but it wasn’t until New Year that the luck of this woman would reach its pinnacle. In New Year she truly cleaned up the house by getting a $250.000 jackpot from a small gamble of $10.

Bouncing Balls

Bouncing Balls was the game in which this lucky grandmother in five days made a fortune of a lifetime. She commented that she couldn’t believe when the eight jackpot symbols started aligning themselves. At first, her belief was that she had won $500, which isn’t a bad amount. But when she realized that she had taken on the progressive jackpot with $250.000, she begun screaming like there was no tomorrow.

The lucky grandmother commented: I’d already had an amazing run and was chuffed to pieces. I then saw the £500 and was over the moon but slowly it dawned on me that I may have landed the big jackpot. It must have only been seconds in real time but it felt like hours until it was confirmed. I’ve barely slept since!’

Vacations and a new Home

With her winnings she has already a few projects in process. Apart from some gifts to her loved ones, she plans to buy a nice new house and take on some holidays. She says her eyes are on to Germany and Sweden.

“First things first I’d like to buy a new house. I’ll then round up all my children and grandchildren and go on holiday straight away – but I’m not worried about the weather so we’ll just go down the road to Haven!”

Ladbrokes online Bingo isn’t afraid of giving mega wins to its customers, although a costumer taking $250.000 isn’t a daily occurrence. A spokesman of the site commented that this online bingo headline marks the first huge win of 2013 and that they hope isn’t the last. In 2012, an average of $5.000.000 were wined each month.



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