Monopoly Bingo! – An Epic Duo of Two Great Games

MonopolyBingoYou heard that right. The classic Monopoly board game is getting a brand new exciting twist. Or to be more exact: It’s getting a bingo makeover!

In a partnership with EA Games, toy manufacturer Hasbro has recently released Monopoly Bingo, a mobile app that incorporates some elements of the famous board game (like jail, properties, and tokens) with classic bingo gameplay mechanics. What you have is a fast-paced game of chance that combines the best aspects of both games.

The idea of combining two of the world’s most beloved games is sure to make a lot of people drool. Not only will the game appeal to hardcore Monopoly fans, it will also draw in the casual bingo players who enjoy spending a round or two of bingo on the weekends.

First off, Monopoly is a “freemium” mobile game app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. Freemium here means that the game is free for download, but certain elements like power-ups, the auto-daub feature, and extra tickets (which are used to buy cards) can be bought for real-life money.

But don’t fret though. You can still enjoy Monopoly Bingo even if you don’t want to pay for anything. The game is chockfull of new surprises for both bingo and monopoly players that you won’t really miss out on the fun if you choose not to pay for the premium extras.

But first, let’s take a look on Monopoly Bingo is different from your regular old bingo game. Visually speaking, the app itself looks a lot like the famous board game. One of the first things that you’ll notice is that the bingo games take place in a variety of “rooms” that are designed after famous Monopoly properties.

You play a game against a number of other real-life players, so you need to be connected to the net to play Monopoly Bingo. As you play along, you earn experience points for each number that you daub which allows you to level up- thereby unlocking more rooms and bingo cards in the process. A bingo gets you extra coins and rewards.

The maximum number of cards that you can play is 16, but only four cards are able to fit in one screen of most devices so it’s best to stick to that number (unless you have purchased the auto-daub feature).

To keep things interesting, EA has introduced scratch cards and power-ups into the app. Since you’re playing against real people, there might be a bit of a downtime (usually lasts somewhere around 15 seconds) in between games as you wait for other players to join. You can use this time to play a scratch card mini-game, where you can win free tickets and other prizes. Just be careful though, the scratch cards contain the dreaded “Go to Jail” icon which can cost you coins or another card.

All in all, Monopoly Bingo offers a fresh new take on the classic bingo. Unlike the games that are often played in dusty bingo halls, Monopoly Bingo is fun and exciting.


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