Maximize Your Online Bingo Winnings

pokerofficeBingo may not be a game of skill like poker and blackjack, but becoming successful at it involves intelligently weighing and analysing the decisions you make during gameplay. Also, unlike in poker, you can’t use any kind of poker odds calculator or tracking software to help you gain an advantage over other players. You have to rely on your wits to get ahead of the competition.

With that said, here are a few tips to help you maximize your online bingo winnings:

1- If the online bingo game client offers an auto-daub feature (numbers are automatically marked or “daubbed” as they are announced), then by all means, play the maximum amount of cards that you can possibly play.

2- Look for bingo halls that are not too crowded. The lesser players there are, the more chances you have on getting a winning card. Most sites offer this kind of this kind of information (number of current players for a round) readily, but if you can’t find this data, play at off times like early morning, mid-day, late night, and during the holidays when people are busy doing other things.

3- Take note of the number of cards that other players are playing. You are aiming for a number that is higher than the average; for example, if people around you play an average of four cards per round, then play five or six cards (provided that you can keep track of everything all at once). This information can be a bit tricky to had in online bingo, but mingle around in the chatrooms to get an idea on how many cards your fellow players play per round.

Did you know that you can also earn money and other freebies even without playing? The majority of online bingo sites offer bonuses even for just signing up. There are also referral bonuses (where you get rewards based on the number of people that you refer to the site), and deposit bonuses (wherein a percentage of the total amount that you have deposited will be repaid back to you). Make sure that you are aware of these perks when you sign up for an online bingo site.


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