Love, winnings and free online bingo in Love Pond!

love-pond-slotHow many times you find online bingo games you can enjoy with your children? Here we will present you a jewel among casino games, an experience than can be experienced with the young ones. Combine attractive and well-designed graphics, a soothing interface, winnings, a relaxing and funny atmosphere and the fact that you can play for free and… Love Pond is born!

Features and Mechanics

The game features original mechanics which will make it stand out from the crowd, something that few online bingo games can say for themselves. The game will firstly let you choose your stake and then you will simply click Play to begin. After that you will gaze upon many frogs and you will have to choose the one you think will transform into a dashing prince. The higher the gamble, the higher are the winnings, going up to 10,000 times your gamble. If luck is in your side, winnings can really be outstanding.

Family Experience

As we said, the game is ideal to try with the young ones, as its mechanics are completely simple and attractive.  Imagine if young William clicked the frog that will let you win 8,000, I mean… family and love are tied in this game. As we said before, you will be able to test the game all the time you like, if you feel it isn’t good enough, you can just close the window. Not too many sites offer free games, but Bingo Talisman always does its best. If you want to play for real money, the option is at the right top corner.

Unique online bingo offering!

This is one of the simplest yet satisfactory experiences to be found on online bingo games this 2013. We advise to players that in the case they go for the real money deal, to begin with small gambles and go their way up from there. Either way, Love is in the air in this review, and it is for free… so accept some free love, force that makes the world go round!



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