Latest developments in online gaming

gambleThe emergence of online gambling and online casinos has dramatically changed the landscape of how and where we gamble. No longer do you need to go to a physical casino to get your gambling fix, you can gamble from home, while you are travelling, on your phone during your daily commute.

In this article we take a look at some of the recent developments in the world of online gambling that have caught our eye this week. continues to expand

One of the biggest online casino operators is They’ve recently announced the launch of a new online casino based in Denmark, an announcement that comes on top of the news that will also be opening online gaming services in Romania. Country-specific sites are important for online gambling operators as it ensures that they are complying with local laws and regulations and therefore available to play by the people who live in that specific country. has confirmed that its sites in both Romania and Denmark will be offering such online favourites as roulette, blackjack, and slot games. The launch by of its site in Denmark will come four years after it was granted a licence to operate online gaming services in Denmark.

Roulette is officially the favourite online game

While online roulette follows almost identical rules to the traditional game of roulette played in physical casinos, there are a couple of key differences. The main thing that you are missing in an online casino is that you don’t have a live croupier who spins the wheel and manages the bets – your online casino operates the game through its software, although generally adding some graphics and sound effects to give you the sense of the rolling ball and whirring wheel. Some of the reasons that online roulette is popular is that you can play it by yourself – there’s no minimum number of people required, plus it’s incredibly easy to play. Simply choose your numbers (or combinations of numbers), place your bet, and you’re ready to go.

G2E is the Global Gaming Expo

The world’s online casino gaming sector comes together at G2E – the global gaming expo that happens annually in Las Vegas. The event showcases all the latest developments in gaming technology as well as also providing a platform for keynote speakers from both within and outside of the casino gaming industry.

Saudi Arabia embracing gaming

One of the geographies that is seeing a surprising amount of growth in online gaming is Saudi Arabia. While there are a number of restrictions in place, users seems to be able to access online casino activities that are located outside the Arab region. Current statistics indicate that there are more than 135 million users of online casinos across the Middle East. The most popular game appears to be Blackjack. While regulation and local legislation is obviously still a concern for accessing users in this region, it appears that there may be an opportunity for game operators to develop online casino games in Arabic.


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