King of Chance and Friends – The Versatality of Online Bingo

images (1)One of the most curious elements online bingo is the versatility of this game. Over time, online bingo games have been able to adapt to different playing techniques, purposes and platforms, even being incorporated into the world of online gambling. Each of these developments has not only confirmed the enormous popularity of this game, but has made it one of the most loved games in the world.

Online bingo can currently be found in almost any device and normally, its requirements are minimum, as online bingo games have a very low graphical input. This means almost anyone with a computer, tablet or cellphone can start playing today. In this certain aspect online bingo stands apart from other gambling games, as slots and poker tend to require more ram memory given the flashy lights or cards input.

Making Friends

But most bingo players state that the most interest in the game there is the possibility of making money, but in the online bingo fun and social aspect of the game. Online bingo is by far the most social game players will be able to find around the web, as it encourages players to make acquaintances. Probably this is the reason we are hardly Pathological gambling among bingo players.

Girls Love their Bingo!

Statistics show that women are the main players: approximately 500,000 online bingo players in the world, 85% are female. The same happens in real bingo halls: of the 3 million players out there (approximately), 2.5 million are women.

Another fact that for many may be curious is the average age of bingo players. Contrary to what many people believe, which is that bingo games are played mostly by older people: half of bingo players are under 50 years, and 30% are under 35 years. Although it is a game of chance, and winning can seem difficult when everything depends on luck, statistics say that 90% of regular bingo players have ever won any awards.

To summarize: online bingo is a guarantee of healthy fun for all ages, at any time of day.


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