Interesting facts about casinos

casinoCasinos and casino games are a lot of fun. In years gone by, casinos were generally restricted to major destinations such as Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, but with relaxation of gambling laws around the world you can now find casinos in most major cities. In this article we take a look at some fun facts about casinos and casino games.

Time stands still


In most casinos there are no clocks. This was a technique that was pioneered by the casinos in Las Vegas – without a clock reminding you of the time, you tend to lose track of where you are and what’s going on. Other techniques that casinos use to disconnect people from the reality beyond their walls are that they don’t have windows so you are not sure if it is day or night outside; the layout is designed like a maze so getting out can take a while and take you past other, exciting games that might attract your attention, or they might offer you free food or drink so that you don’t really have any reason to leave.

Not everyone is welcome


Monte Carlo in Monaco is famous as one of the world’s most glamorous casino destinations, however the citizens of Monaco are forbidden to enter. Passports are checked at the door and locals are not permitted. The casino there is primarily owned by the Monaco government who uses it to raise revenue. They clearly prefer to raise their revenue from visitors to the country.



Pachinko are the slot machines that are found in Japan. Huge, brightly lit buildings filled with loud machines. They don’t count as gambling though. Gambling is illegal in Japan. The way that Pachinko machines get around this is that the winners don’t receive cash but they receive prizes such as food, drinks, or electronics. Pachinko machines are hugely popular – it is estimated that there are around 1.8 million Pachinko machines in Japan and that they generate revenue of around USD$2.2 trillion each year.

The Devil’s work?


The numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666. True story.



When you are playing Bingo, the pen that you use to mark off your numbers is called a Dabber. Research has shown that the most popular colour chosen by Bingo players when selecting their Dabber is purple. Purple Dabbers are believed to be the luckiest.

The casino sandwich


These days it is very common for casinos to offer their players and guests free food and drink to help convince them to stay and keep playing. In the past however, gamblers had to be a bit more self-sufficient and the resourcefulness of one man has left a much loved legacy for the world. John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich loved gambling and so he requested that his food be brought to him between two slices of bread so that he could eat his food with one hand and keep the other free to continue gambling. Clever man.


So many casinos. So many fun facts. Pack your sandwiches and get ready to play!


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