How to Put a Bit More Spice into Bingo

online lotteryBingo has long been known as a fun and social game. Yet, thanks to the increasing distractions of the present day and the sheer number of things vying for your attention, keeping bingo interesting also presents its fair share of challenges. That said, there are a number of things you can do as an avid bingo fan in an attempt to keep things as interesting as possible. Here we share several hints and tips designed to put the spice back into bingo and raise your level of enjoyment of the game.

Different Styles

As any avid player knows, the way to bingo games is a varied one. There are many different styles, each catering for different types of players vying for different types of prizes. Instead of heading to play the more traditional forms of bingo, where players are looking to complete the first five squares of a row on their cards, why don’t you consider looking at the other types of games comprised of different rules of winning?

For example, there are sites out there that aware prizes to players in games where the rules slightly differ, where a player has to be the first person to cover a postage stamp on a board (the first top-right squares) or someone who first covers all four corners of a card. Then there’s the b of game, where the player who covers the whole board wins.

Incorporate Food

What better way to make bingo more fun than introducing your favourite foods into the mix? The beauty of this is that it can be done either at home while you play online with friends or in-person too. What it involves is bringing along some of your favourite snacks, be it biscuits and sweets or the like, and indulging in them every time a specific number is called or each time you mark one of the numbers of your own card.

For the more health-conscious among you, you could even switch up this food rule and do something like dropping to the floor to do push-ups or a similar form of exercise. That way you can get fit while playing a game you love and killing two birds with one stone!

Organise a Party

Another great way to spice up your bingo gaming is to throw a party with playing bingo as the main theme. The guests could be people you’ve met online in bingo chat rooms or friends of yours from other areas of life. Perhaps you can introduce them to the joy of playing your favourite game while getting them to bring their tablets or laptops and playing together in the same room, with good food and music on the go.

Making bingo a centerpiece of a party needn’t be too hard. It’s easy to pick up, easy to understand and the prizes can be simply to drink or eat more. What’s more is, that aside from the online jackpots available, you might play at home with a live version too, doubling the prizes as you go and thus making playing all the more exciting and social too.


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