How to Organize a Charity Bingo Fundraiser Event

bingoBingo is often associated with charities and fundraisers. While other forms of gambling tend to get looked down upon by the general public, bingo in itself is strangely tolerated and accepted by most. Aside from grandparents who play the game to while away the time, bingo is also usually used by non-profit organizations, charities, and churches to raise money for philanthropic activities and other social causes.

A bingo event is easy to set-up and is very profitable; it’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice for a fundraiser. If you want to organize your own bingo fundraiser event, just follow the guidelines below.

1. Take note of any gambling laws and guidelines in your state

Depending on your location, you might need to secure a license for your bingo event. This step is non-negotiable; non-licensed bingo events have already went through a lot of trouble in the past. If your state requires that any gambling event be registered and licensed, then you need to comply.

2. Determine expected number of participants and look for an appropriate venue

Do think that a lot of people will show up to play at your event? Or is this an informal neighborhood affair? The venue that you choose, whether it’s an activity center, church grounds, or someone’s backyard, should be spacey enough to accommodate all of the attendees and the equipment (tables, chairs, stage, etcetera).

3. Decide the amount of the payout

The amounts of the payouts are largely determined by the number of games that you’ll be offering, the expected number of attendees, the price of the bingo books, and the percentage of the revenue that will go to the charity or cause. For example, if you expect that there will be about 100 players who will be attend your fundraiser and that the bingo books are priced at $10 each, then you now have a projected revenue of $1000. If 50 percent of that will go to your charity, then the payout pot is $5000 with which you can spend on prizes. Also do remember to account for “special” games, wherein the prizes are usually a lot higher than the “regular” games.

Things You’ll Need

1. Bingo supplies

It is recommended that you order your bingo supplies (i.e. bingo books, daubers, extra bingo sheets, raffles, markers) well in advance. If your organization plans to make bingo fundraisers into a regular thing, then you can think about investing in advanced bingo consoles, cages, and other equipment.

2. Bingo caller

Whether it’s a small bingo night at the local bar or a full-blown bingo event organized by your church, you need to have a skilled bingo caller. Just imagine if your bingo caller has a small voice, fidgets a lot on the stage, or keeps on dropping balls a lot. It makes for a very awkward event. The caller should be someone who is very comfortable in working in front of big crowds.

3. Concessionaires

Bingo events usually take anywhere between three to five hours. Make sure that your venue has enough supplies of food and drinks that your attendees can purchase.


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