How to Best Beat the Competition at Bingo

bingo thick

Since its inception centuries ago bingo has proven a hugely popular game all over the world with players flocking to bingo halls to try their chances at winning the jackpot and using that extra cash to fulfill their dreams. Since that time, and across all those years, people have been consistently searching high and low for ways to gain the upper hand and get an advantage in a game, that, let’s face it, is mainly down to luck.

A lot of what you read about bingo then, especially in terms of strategy, is most likely garbage that’s unlikely to help you nor raise your chances of winning. That said, there are a few handy things you can do that can help. What’s more is that these are just as applicable to the online bingo market as they are the real-life version.

Let’s take a look at just some of the strategies involved.


Of course, the name of the game in bingo is winning and in order to do you’re going to have to buy in and get yourself a ticket. Let’s not forget the fundamentals.

From there of course you can then go about considering your options. Card variety, is one such area to focus on. As everyone has his or her favorite or lucky numbers, you too probably are no exception. However you shouldn’t let superstitions or preferences like that rule your head. They can get in the way of chances and prevent you from varying your card and number choices and ultimately increasing your odds of winning.

A solid line of advice then: choose the largest number variety you can.


Then there’s the idea of specials and promotions, both things that can help you get more out of the money you put down in bingo and increase your chances of hitting the big win. Actively scout for online casinos that offer specials on bingo games so that you can maximize your chances of winning. The types of things to look out for? Buy One Get One Free offers. These are a great way to increase your odds without having to put down any more money.


Bingo, obviously, is all about numbers. But that’s just the game itself and here we’re talking about the others you play with. Before you head into a game then check out the number of active players there are in each room. The rooms with less? Those are the one’s you’re going to have a greater chance of success in, so head over to those and forego the busier areas.

But don’t do this at the expense of forsaking reputable, safe sites for one’s that are unlikely to actually pay out or deliver on their promises. You always want to make sure you go with sites that have a solid reputation in order to not lose out.

Other things to consider? Instant games. These are what can seriously drain your bankroll fast and lead you to rapidly lose your budget. Avoid them at all costs and stick to your original game plan.

Online bingo is fun and fast. Use these tips to keep your finances healthy and enjoy gaming for longer.


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