From bingo to blackjack: five popular gambling games

Try your luck on the lottery? Have the occasional bet on sport? Many of us do – and for good reason! The thrill of winning big is hard to ignore and we all love the idea of Lady Luck being on our side. Providing you keep within your limits, there is no harm in occasionally splashing your cash on a bet or two but what games are the best to play?

With many great choices out there, narrowing your decision can be difficult so here we look at five popular options to help get you started.

1. Blackjack

With a high chance of winning, blackjack is one of the most popular games online. It is also easy to learn which means many first-time players find it a good game to cut their teeth on. Also known as ‘21’ which has its roots in creating a game hand with a value of 21, this game has been going for centuries and is as a popular today as ever.

2. Lottery

Not just available on a national or global scale, lottery games can be enjoyed at almost any level. There are plenty of local variations – check out GeoLotto for a new spin on the traditional game – and these can offer great prizes.

GeoLotto is a geographical lottery game where you select areas instead of numbers or tickets. Aside from this, the site also has a number of other great games for you to enjoy – including treasure hunts (another popular favourite).

3. Roulette

Meaning ‘little wheel’ in French, you probably get a picture of this game in your mind whenever you hear the word ‘gambling’. It’s the spinning wheel with differently-numbered slots that attracts so many players.

Coming in European and American varieties, roulette involves predicting which numbered section a ball will land in. It’s easy to play which is why it is such a popular option.

4. Poker

Poker is played with a standard pack of cards totalling 52. Each card is ranked from high to low but the four suits have the same value (except in the case of a royal flush where only hearts will do).

The secret to the success of this game is that it is about more than just luck. Poker requires skill with players required to bluff their way to victory or hide their hand behind the famous poker face. There are also numerous variations which can see play occurring with either five or seven cards and this means there is plenty to keep players interested.

5. Slots

Always offering something for everyone, slots are loved by most gamblers. Click a button to pick a strategy and wait and see if it pans out in your favour – it couldn’t be simpler!

Be in control

What makes gambling fun is the ability to stay in control of how much time and money you spend at it. The Gambling Commission has some tips on playing online in moderation so make sure you take a look at these before you begin.


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