Foxy Online Bingo comes to Android and IPhone!

apaaIt’s no secret that Foxy Bingo is one of the best places to have some online bingo fun. However, today they took things to a whole new level, giving a chance to players so they can enjoy their offerings from the commodity of their phone. That’s right, now it will be possible for Android and IPhone users to enjoy Foxy Bingo from anywhere.

Foxy Bingo becomes Mobile

Players will be able to enjoy all the offerings from Foxy Bingo in their mobile version. 90-ball online bingo, chat groups and their whole variety of online slots games. The design of the mobile version was developed to suit the needs of players on the go while retaining every characteristic that makes Foxy Bingo the top bingo site it is.

Exclusive Mobile Promotion

To makes matters more interesting, Foxy Bingo is offering a special promotion from the 13th to the 26th May. Should players try their mobile version between those two dates, they will get a free mobile phone cover. To qualify to this promotion, it will only be needed to make a £20 deposit through the mobile phone.

To get this cute mobile phone cover, players should firstly make an account from their mobile phones. After they login, they should deposit a minimum of £20. If it is their first deposit, Foxy Bingo will hand a 200% bonus so the online bingo games can start right away. Once the deposit is confirmed, Foxy Bingo will send an email that contains a promo code a step by step instruction on how to claim the Free Foxy Bingo phone cover over the next 14 days. The phone cover will be directly mailed to your home or work place.

Top Online Bingo

Foxy Bingo is one of the most famous online bingo sites around the web. Their fame was built upon the promise of great games, a huge community and lots of promotions. In the present, around 5.000 persons login to Foxy Bingo a day to play and chat with fellow bingo enthusiasts.

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