Foxy Bingo – Televisions, Laptops and great online bingo!

foxy-bingo_r1_c1For many online bingo fanatics, Foxy Bingo proves to be one of the happiest places to be. It’s refreshing to see such a dedicated we putting all its efforts to embrace this wonderful game. Today we are going to share some information on their latest promotion.

Starting Monday 14th and ending Sunday 27th January, every registered player of Foxy Bingo can join the “Foxy’s Prize Bus” and lucky enough, get a cute free prize. Every day in the lapse of both weeks players will get this chance and as a reminders to everyone, they do like giving things for free so take advantage of this great online bingo promotion.

Laptops, Xbox… even chocolates?

The proof for this statement can be found on the £120,000 investment Foxy Bingo made in prizes, so every member of the site gets a chance to win something. The most common prizes are a £100 credits boost to your account, bonus points and even free games. Then we have the not so common prizes, the ones that catch the eye of every Bingo player:

  • 50” LG Flat Screen TVs
  • Xbox Kinect + 5 Games
  • Toshiba Laptops
  • His and Her Rotary Watches
  • Samsung Galaxy Tabs
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII Sim-free Phones
  • £50 Love2shop vouchers
  • Flower Bouquets
  • Boxes of Chocolates

Want to join the action?

To join and be a part of Foxy’s Prize Bus promotion, you must have registered at Foxy Bingo and at least done one deposit (size doesn’t matter) on your account. These are all the requirements anyone needs to join the promotion. If not a member, remember the promo ends Sunday 27th January, so the sooner the better to win an amazing prize.

The promotion cannot be accessed as any other regular Bingo games the site has. To find the link to the Prize Bus, you will have to head up to your Foxy Bingo account. This page is the first place the player sees when he logs in, so it really is simple enough. The link will be waiting for you at the right side of your account logging interface. Take into account you can only play once a day, but the nice part is, there is always a prize at the end of the rainbow. The majority of them will be bonuses, but hey, maybe you get a box of chocolates for your loved one.

Again we ask, want to join the action and try this amazing Bingo game? Click Foxy Bingo and register yourself and take advantage of this great bingo promotion.


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