England – Meca bingo games club awards £156,000!

England-flag (1)Bingo games lovers are in for a treat at Club Mecca. Ubicated at the heart of Norwich, it is believed to be the luckiest bingo games club in all England. Last week, 4 players took into their pocket 4 big pots, in a joint amount of £156,000.

List of Winners

The first winner was a lucky woman that took 16,666 into her pocket. People at the scene comment that the excitement she felt was beyond this world. 3 days later, a resident of North Walsham won 20,000, after completing the board with just 45 numbers. The second winner was another female, winning £100,000, an amount she reportedly will invest in a new home and some needed vacations.  The woman has two kids and 4 grandsuns, so she also expects to buy them some souvenirs of the great victory, so they can remember in a future that luck does exist.

For the last winner, a non frequent bingo games player took 20,000 into his pocket, with 45 numbers. He commented that while unexpected, he would put his winnings to good use and that he would forever be grateful to Club Mecca for the great amount of money he won.

Under the Bingo Spotlight!

Mike Etherington, general manager of this Bingo games club commented to the media “It was a fantastic week filled with luck, a truly staggering amount of money was won, especially for those players that get their cartons for National Bingo for just 5.50.”

This phenomenom made many headlines in the media, drawing a great deal of publicity to the place. Reports show that by the beginning of last week, a solid increase of the %50 was noted, making the Mecca Bingo Games club in Norwich the most popular of the city. Etherington hopes that this lucky beam that has impacted Mecca doesn’t fade away to soon, as this is a win/win situation for both the players and the club.


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