Different Types of Online Bingo Games and How to Play Them

bingo typesThe insane popularity of online bingo gave rise to its own distinct culture. WTG (Way to Go!), BLNG (Better Luck Next Game), HABO (Have a Better One)- these are some of the terms that you can only find within the hallowed virtual walls of an online bingo hall.

A great thing about online bingo is that different variations of the game can be played with just a simple click of the button. Before diving into the world of online bingo, here is a list of some of the different bingo versions that you commonly find online:

75-ball bingo

This is the version that most bingo players are familiar with. As the name suggests, this game is played with 75 balls, to be placed on a card with five columns and five rows of random numbers from 1 to 75 (the middle spot of the card is usually marked as a free space). The letters of the eponymous “BINGO” is placed on top of the columns to make it easier for players to find the numbers on their cards.

90-ball bingo

The 90-ball bingo variation, also called as “housie,” is commonly played in European countries. Ninety balls are used for this version, and instead of the usual 5×5 card, a ticket with three rows and nine columns (usually unmarked) is used. Since 90-ball only uses three winning combinations (one row, double row, and full card), some players say that it is easier than the more common 75-ball variation.

80-ball bingo

Among the newest variations of the game, 80-ball bingo combines the simplicity of the 90-ball variant and the excitement of the 75-ball version. 80-ball is fast paced, and is played on 4×4 cards. Horizontal columns are usually marked with different colors (instead of the usual B-I-N-G-O) so as to aid daubbing during gameplay. Like in 75-ball, winning combinations can range from simple lines to complicated shapes and patterns (example: cross, X, four corners).

30-ball bingo

Like 80-ball bingo, 30-ball or speed bingo is also among the newest non-traditional variants. Since it only uses 30 balls and 3×3 cards, this game is insanely fast paced and players’ winning odds is relatively high. This is also the reason why 30-ball bingo is used for games with progressive jackpots (i.e. games where the jackpot progressively goes higher after every round). There are usually no winning combinations; the first player to fill his or her card completely is declared the winner of the round. Due to its simplicity and fast gameplay, 30-ball bingo is slowly gaining popularity among online bingo portals.

Coverall Bingo

Coverall bingo is actually another subvariant of 75-ball (though it can also be used for other bingo types) that is also gaining ground among bingo aficionados. Gameplay is endearingly simple: first player to “coverall” (i.e. fill completely) a card, wins the round. Though it is easier to play, coverall bingo is relatively slower than other variants, but the upside to this is that the jackpot is usually bigger.


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