Debunking Online Bingo Myths (1/2)

bingo-en-linea (1)Online bingo is one of the funniest games a gambler looking for a relaxing time can play. Being hundreds of online bingo providers, the players have a great selection of places to choose from. However, many players doubt online bingo, expecting certain things to go wrong. These myths sometimes sell themselves as facts… but how can players really differentiate between fact and fiction? Here players will find a two part list (Part Two Here!) with the most common online bingo myths. When taking a decision, there is no such thing as too much information…

The price could be your life

Many players believe that online bingo is incredibly expensive. They expect the game to consume all their money. As land-based bingo halls, online bingo has different variations, many of which were developed for individuals with a smaller budget. Players should also remember that land-based bingo is in reality for expensive. Summing up drinks, transport and the game, the budget will undoubtedly be bigger. Online bingo is cheaper… and that is a fact!

One variation only

Some bingo players have the notion that online bingo sites only offer 90-ball bingo. This is by far the most illogical myth surrounding online bingo, as the sites tend to offer a huge variation of games. Expect exclusive online bingo games and many online Casino Games, such as slots, poker, even blackjack and all of that under the online bingo site banner. The experiences are much more complete than in their land-based cousins, even if the live feeling is lost. It is great to have an alternative when online bingo has become a little stale, factor that really makes online bingo shine above bingo halls.

Nowhere near as social as land-based bingo

It is common that usual land-based bingo fanatics claim that online bingo isn’t a social experience, marking it as a big defect. This couldn’t be further away from the truth, as online bingo has functions that let the players chat in real-time with other bingo lovers that are in the same room. It is incredibly common to find online bingo players making friends via an online bingo site. Also remember that in the present, every online bingo sites has its own forum or Facebook profile, where the socializing processes its take even further. Online bingo sites are one of the best places to get to know bingo lovers and from all around the world.


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