Cool Casino New Year’s Eve Events

casino new yearWhen you are looking for year-end parties, nothing beats casino events as they are quite unforgettable. Combined with the excitement in the table sand the awesome themes for this kind of events, you are surely in for a treat when you are hitting a casino to welcome the New Year. Here are some of the Casino year end events that will be quite interesting when you are planning to celebrate the last hours of the year.


Avalon Casino Ballroom, Avalon, California

Avalon had a big name during its prime and at least once a year, the place reminisces these grand times with awesome annual events. This time, the Xceptional Music Company will be the primary attraction for this Black Tie event. The band is said to have a wonderful horn section and there are also other musicians that will perform during the event. You can expect the full band performance from nine in the evening to one in the morning. And, as New Year’s Eve parties go, you can expect dancing here and no one should forget the symbolic champagne toast to celebrate the past year and to welcome the new one. This fund raiser of the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce is definitely a good idea.


Montbleu Resort Casino, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

If you have been planning on some skiing adventure and you have chosen Montbleu, it would be perfect to simply spend the New Year’s Eve there. With so much activity going on, you would surely find a party to fit in. There will actually be 3 events in different venues including the convention center, the Opal Ultra Lounge and there’s the Blu Night Club. There’s so much to look forward to from Body Painting to seeing Go Go Dancers and there’s live music which will surely be the life of the party.


Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn, Washington

When it’s New Year, there is no reason to wait for midnight for the festivities to begin as it would be awesome to start right away. There are certainly a lot of cool activities in this casino which is perfect for those who love activities that lasts all day and night long. There are all kinds of activities for all although the entries of minors below 21 are banned from 6pm to 8 am although they are welcome at other hours as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Live entertainment starts at 10 AM in Club Galaxy where admission is always free for those who have their Players Card. Dance parties start to kick off at 8 pm and there are plethoras of goings on all over the casino.


Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There would be so much to look forward to when you are here as it is bound to be a magical evening in the casino. You can look forward to live music which will be played inside the casino all night long. It would also be an enjoyable evening not just for those who love music as there are magicians, caricature artists and all kinds of entertainment which would surely attract people from all walks of life. This is quite a cozy way to spend the New Year and you can treat yourself to Kenny Blake Trio who will be playing from 5 to 9 pm followed by Dueling Pianos who will take over the stage till 1 in the morning.


Saying hello to the New Year is bound to be an enjoyable affair and you will surely relish the thought of ending the year with a blast. And, if you are in for a treat, it would certainly be cool to end it in a casino and have a blast while waving goodbye to the current year and hello to the New Year.


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