Bitcoin Bingo: 4 Great Hints & Tips To Help Ace the Game

bitcoinBingo is one of those games that absolute anybody can get into; given the fact you recognise numbers at least! Jokes aside, bingo is a universal game played the world over, what’s more is that it’s a whole lot of fun and can help bring people together in the hope of gaining a nice little windfall too. But how to get good? That’s what we’ll focus on in this article, giving you a few quick tips to take away in the hope of improving your chances and impressing your friends.

Money Management

Ask all gambling pros what they do and they’ll all tell you the same; money management. The same goes for bingo, especially its Bitcoin version, where given the fact you’re not actually handling real money you can sometimes be convinced into taking risks that most likely will play against you.

Money management is essential. Stick to a set limit with strength and discipline and never put down more than you can afford to lose. That goes for something as low-stake as bingo just as much as it does for other games.

Play Money

Just like Bitcoin casinos offering blackjack, craps and other games, most Bitcoin Bingo sites also offer the opportunity to play bingo for free first using ‘play money’. If you’re looking to sharpen up your game, this is your opportunity as playing for free grounds you solidly in the rules, what to expect and refines your understanding of the mechanisms that the site you’re playing utilises when dealing with Bitcoin itself.

Don’t Play if it Stops Being Fun

Due to Bitcoin Bingo’s low-stake reputation, most of the big money players will be flocking to other games like blackjack and roulette in the hopes of gaining a bigger pay off. What that means for bingo is that it should largely be reserved for fun or kicking back from the other more pressure games that you might have a lot riding on.

As soon as Bitcoin Bingo stops becoming fun, and instead resembles drudgery, then that’s the time to give it a rest. No good can come from putting your Bitcoin down when you’re not in the zone nor enjoying the ins and outs of the game.

Research the Site

Research, when it comes to deciding on Bitcoin Bingo sites to play on, is fundamental. Head onto boards or ask around your Bitcoin playing friends to get recommendations for where best to play and hang around. There’s nothing worse than investing all your time and money in a site that screws you around, especially when you could have spent a little time putting in the effort to check it out beforehand.


Bingo isn’t the type of game that you can become a master at due to its simplicity, but it is one you can improve marginally at. Hopefully some of the tips above will have helped raise your game next time you hit the casinos.


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