Why bingo’s more popular today than ever before


by  Music News Australia 

Bingo is a game that has been around for a long time, in one form or another, but the game that we all know today has been in existence for about a century. It was back in the 1930s that an entrepreneur named Edwin Lowe witnessed a game of ‘beano’ taking place at a country fair, where players covered the numbers on their cards that matched those called out with dried beans. Lowe saw the potential in turning this simple game into a business proposition and patented the game, naming it Bingo.

It immediately became a popular community game and its popularity was increased by the fact that the churches in America used it as a fundraising tool. When American GIs brought the game with them to Europe during World War Two, it didn’t take long to catch on there either. And the game has been popular worldwide for years. But just recently this simple game has become more popular than ever. Why would that be?

The big difference between now and a decade ago is that people can now play bingo online at hundreds of different bingo sites. When you play online, there’s no need to wait for a bingo hall to open its doors – whenever you want to play, you just need to login to a bingo site and choose which game to join. Most sites offer 24/7 schedules, so there’s never more than a couple of minutes to wait for a new game.

It’s value entertainment, too. Bingo games only cost pennies to play. Most sites like Winner, Gala and Tidy Bingo offer a welcome bonus when a player first signs up to play and puts cash into their bingo account. If you want to play and win at Winner Bingo, you only need to deposit £10 in the first week of registering in order to get a £40 bonus. Of this, £30 can be spent on bingo games and the other £10 can be used on different games on the Winner site and sports book. All the bingo sites offer similar incentives to reel new players in and then have different rolling promos to keep their players loyal.

While the prizes in online bingo games can be huge, especially if you join in a progressive jackpot game, it’s not every player’s motivation behind playing bingo. Many are on the sites just for the fun of playing the games and the fact that you can socialize with other players in the online bingo chat rooms. Whatever your role in life, you can have fun meeting other people while playing bingo and the great thing about playing online is that you can choose to play for just five minutes or play for a whole evening.

Bingo’s a game that is fast-moving, fun and simple to play, and it can provide a social outlet too. It’s no wonder that the online version is even more popular than the original game.


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