Are all bingo sites the same?

bingo sites

When online bingo emerged way back in the ‘90s there were only standalone sites. With the passage of time, plenty of other bingo operators started emerging which led several sites to share the same bingo rooms to make up for a huge pot prize and stellar giveaways. Some of the most iconic bingo brands like GameVillage Bingo and more managed to retain their independence.

Finding a good bingo site can be pretty daunting. Here’s how most newbies search for a bingo site. Type a bingo related keyword in the search engine- amid thousands of bingo sites that appear, pick the one with the best offer. If we go on to compare other bingo sites on the same network, most of them would offer the same prizes.

So are they all similar?

Are all bingo sites the same? On the larger picture- yes, but there’s lot more to know about the online bingo industry. Network bingo sites, more or less run the same offers. However, the ones that are standalone differ. Surely, the games offered across all the bingo sites are almost similar- bingo, slots, keno, instant games etc. However, with standalone sites your experience will differ as the facilities, rooms, games and offers are strikingly unique. Traffic is comparatively less, hence competition is less fierce.

How to spot a network site?

It’s pretty easy to figure out network sites. The best way is by reading the reviews of the sites in other portals. Most of them are unbiased and will help you give a clear understanding of the bingo site. Also you can check out the winners at the site. If there is an overlap, and the same winner list appears at another bingo site, you can know for sure the site is networked. You can also read about the bingo site in the ‘About Us’ section for better insights.

Which Bingo site is right for you?

Standalone sites are always a thumbs up. However, that’s not enough. Make sure you don’t register at a site that is overcrowded. You may also want to examine the structure of the site’s bonuses, promotions, Loyalty Points etc. Also it’s important to visit a good portal for bingo related information as it makes the process of selecting a site much more easier. And most importantly, chat rooms should be fun and robust. It makes bingo experience better than ever.

The best part of playing online bingo is that not only they are cost cutting, but also can be accessed 24/7. You can play anytime, for as sustained as you want even in your pajamas. Watch out for scrupulous sites who use underhand means to make quick money. Hence, a thorough background check is significant before making any commitment.

Here’s a quick advice from us. Just to see how fun a bingo room is, register at a site that gives no deposit bonuses. So without spending a quid, you get to experience the fun. If you like the site, you can give it a go and make it your dedicated bingo site. This site has the best online bingo promotions.


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