Bingo Day – Come for a Day Filled of Online Bingo!

bingoday_reviewlogoBingo Day is one of the few UK online bingo sites that come with a download option. The color palette of the site will surely strike the viewer, as it features many different shades of blue, which comes as weird in comparison to other places. They also feature a truly vast selection of casino games, so if you like slots or poker, Bingo Day has them all. Also take into account that  Bingo Day main draw comes from the fact that they pay out around £500,000 in winnings… which is a pretty big number!

General Design

Bingo day features an above standard online bingo design. While graphics and artistic details aren’t the focus here, it is incredibly straight forward to use. If a player wants to see something elaborate goes to the movies, here there is a design developed so that anyone can jump right in. As was said before, blue is the predominant color on the site. This gives it a relaxing sensation, as it feels less intrusive on the overall experience. The color palette suits the game of online bingo very well.

Registration Process

Bingo Day features a registering process that it’s a little blurry. The form isn’t as clear as it could be, even if it is perfectly fillable, have the glasses around, just in case. After entering all the typical data (date of birth, address, name, etc.) Bingo Day will make a 11 digit password. As the password isn’t directly emailed, players should write it down on a sheet of directly in the computer for future reference.

However, they do offer a great registration bonus, giving players up to £200 for free. So yes, even if the registration process is a little bit complicated, the great bonus makes up for it

Game Variety

Bingo Day isn’t the best online bingo site when it comes to online bingo variety. There aren’t too many rooms, but they do get the job done. However, they provide an incredibly variated set of online slots, casino games and poker rooms to keep players entertained. It may come as a surprise to many online bingo lovers that a bingo games site doesn’t has bingo as a forte, but hey, it is a curious world out there

In conclusion, even If Bingo Day isn’t the best online bingo site and has a blurry registration process, the site does provide a big amount of games from other areas. To enter Bingo Day, Click Here!


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