Bingocams – ¡online jewel of UK Bingo!

bingo-camsThe time has come to review one of the most cherished online bingo sites of the UK. We are talking about Bingocams, a bingo promise that saw its birth in February 2011 and that since then, has become a pillar of the bingo community.

The online bingo site made loyal fans quickly in the community, now being the most popular place to play online bingo in Holland among other Nordic countries. Their successes is no coincidence, as they truly offer one of the best experiences the market has to offer.

Community and Social Features

From the first moment, Bingocams tries to give the user a sense of community within the site. This is very apparent in many features, but one in particular takes it to a whole different level. If you play with your cam switched on while playing at Bingocams, when you get a win, your joyous face will appear on the screen. It’s a really fun way to spread happiness within the site, as other players get excited with your wins and vice versa.

This also applies to the chat rooms within Bingocams. Apart from getting to know people that share your love for the game, the chat hosts are hilariously friendly people that you can tell love what they do. Imagine a virtual space to hang out with people that share your interests where it is all really about having the best time possible. As a social bingo player myself, sometimes I found myself spending more time chatting than playing, it’s just awesome to find this kind of space.

Incredible Promotions and Bonuses!

Bingocams features a great deal of promotions for new players, as regular promos to pamper old players. New players will get a free no deposit bingo bonus. Additionally, it offers a superb 200% match up bonus to the first deposits made by the player. However, seasoned players get lots of treats with competences, random prizes, among others. Every month you will find lot of promotions that will surely keep you busy.

The online bingo site features 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. Apart from that, other game offerings are made, with tons of online slots games available for those looking to take a bingo break. They also offer that chance to play free bingo, for those just looking for a relaxing time. Take notice that Bingocams features a ranking system, so the more you play; the higher are your chances of getting better prizes.

Bingocams really offers le crème de la crème of bingo experiences. Being a fairly new online bingo site, we can assure you their future is bright.



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