Bingo Call Signs

online-bingoMost sports and games develop their own lingo and why should Bingo be any different? After a slow start, online bingo is fast becoming one of the growing areas of gaming in the casino online for fans of operators, but it wasn’t always a technical treat.

The game of Bingo is one of the most popular games played in the pubs and clubs around the UK, and is usually a prelude to a disco or band. The Bingo caller conducts the orchestra and to spice things up, each caller uses a series of call signs to represent the numbers being drawn.

If you ever wanted to create a game of bingo at your own home then here is a list of some of the more familiar call signs.

• Kelly’s Eye – this is the call sign given to the number one and although not known for sure, many believe is named after Ned Kelly.

• Lucky For Some – the name given to the number seven, which is deemed as a lucky number in a lot of countries.

• Doctor’s Orders – this is the name given to the number nine because it used to be the name of a laxative pill that army doctors gave out to the troops during the second world war.

• Legs Eleven – when the caller pulls the number eleven out of the hat, this is the call sign, and it is usually greeted by wolf whistles from the players. The two ones representing a set of pins to be proud of.

• One Dozen – well it’s the number 12 of course.

• Heinz Beans – this is the term used for the number 57 because of the slogan ‘Heinz 57”

• Unlucky For Some – if seven is known as a lucky number, around the world, then thirteen is certainly an unlucky number.

Each number from 1-90 has it’s own call sign and you can find a list of them all with a quick search on the Internet.

Good luck with your game.



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