Big Online Bingo wins of the week!

84dc1ce1d134d28d7f6e72ecd8104f83As any casino games, online bingo features big wins every week among the hundreds of online bingo portals around the world. Last week was the turn of Kitty Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo, as they took the winnings to the next level, possibly making two individuals crack the hugest smile of their lives.

 Presentation of both Online Bingo sites

Kitty Bingo is a new online bingo portal, which saw its inception around the beginnings of 2011. Their online bingo offerings have made them stand among the populated bingo games scene, making them a favorite to many old and new players alike. Whereas online bingo is one of the most populated branches of casino gaming, there is always space for innovators looking to offer something new. On the other hand, we have Lucky Pants Bingo, an online bingo portal that it is as weird as its name… having an everlasting charm that has win the heart of many online bingo players around the world.

Top Wins of the Month

Kitty Bingo registered a big winner last week on their site, a man from Newcastle, which goes by the user name of KD. The man joined Kitty Bingo early in October last year and has been playing on a regular basis ever since. Last week KD was playing one of his favorite online bingo offerings, the Vampire themed slot Bitten, ultimately winning a swooping £5339. He was lucky enough to get to the bonus rounds and a nice wild symbol, getting him that amount that surely changed his day.

Lucky Pants Bingo also registered a big win. You may know them from their TV ad, which can become pretty tedious after the third watch, but we do must admit it is very catchy. Lucky Pants online Bingo also commemorated a big win by the user called SH. SH hit it big on the Magical Forest slots game. The funny side here, is that she was a member for just two days before registering this big win, triggering 15 free spins and ultimately getting £5,155.

For the sake of closure, below you will find the TV ad of Lucky Bingo, try to hum the song, it is very catchy!


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