Betfred – Trajectory and Solid Online Bingo!

Betfred (1)Betfred is one of the oldest bingo entities in the world. Since 1967 they have been one of the principal bingo providers and just recently they entered the online bingo market. However, trajectory sometimes isn’t enough to justify the entry to an online bingo site, so… does Betfred fall in this category?

Is trajectory enough?

The answer is a resounding no. From the first click onwards, Betfred offers a great online bingo experience. The registering process takes about five minutes, after which you will be enabled to play all the online bingo offerings of the site. Data such as address, credit/debit card details, date of birth are asked in a very simple filling sheet. Players will be greeted with a generous £30 bonus if they deposit a minimum amount of £10. Few online bingo sites offer this kind of deposit bonus and very few offer a continual 25% bonus on every future deposit. Betfred online bingo is a truly generous site when it comes to bonuses and it should be noted!

Betfred online bingo has a tremendous amount of gaming opportunities. For starters, players will be able to play directly from the site or will be able to download the software. Each one works exactly the same, so it comes as a matter of personal preference.

Game Variety

Betfred comes with seven bingo rooms, including a huge selection of online slots and free slots, side games and instant win games. They also do a heavy emphasis on socialization, so expect to chat with many fellow enthusiasts. Their community is a very warm one and will make feel anyone feel welcomed.

Summing Up…

In conclusion, Betfred online bingo is a great alternative that any bingo games lover should take into account. Being a site that rewards both veteran and new players, in addition to having a solid community, players will feel just at home when they enter. It is a huge plus that they provide a great selection of slots games among other casino games, so should players feel  a little bored with bingo, they can give a spin or two.

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