Best Casinos in Ski Resorts

casino megeveWith winters on its way, there is certainly a lot of excitement which is surrounding the atmosphere. And, during the winter months, one of the best things to do would be to go skiing. The snow can certainly bring about a lot of adventure and excitement and while planning a ski trip; it would also be nice if you have something else to do, such as have a fine and exciting time at the tables. There are certainly a lot of nice places to go skiing and at the same time gamble. Here are some of the best casinos which are near or on a ski resort.

Casino Davos, Hotel Europe, Switzerland


For patrons who are interested in international conferences as well as an awesome skiing experience, this is a great destination. The facilities for gamblers definitely improved upon an infusion of funds to have the place refurbished and with the modern glass exterior, the place is certainly cozy. For the first time, Texas Hold’em Poker has been introduced and there is a special area which is designated for smokers.

Casino Seefeld, Austria


This is the perfect place for those who are interested in casino-ski packages. This place has also a ski lift system which is really modern. Entire packages come complete with a ski pass, a strip to the casino, welcome drink and even free chips. There are also offers that include a sauna. The casino is only confined in one floor but it is divided into several areas: the main hall and the poker area is separated to the other areas such as the slots area. The bar here is quite beautiful and the entire place is quite sophisticated with its effective use of wood and glass as well as the nice bar area.

Spielbank Casino, Garmisch –Partenkirchen, Germany


Garmisch is a popular skiing area in Germany and it is quite busy especially on weekends which are the favorite time of a lot of visitors to enjoy the snowy peaks. The lift system in these parts is a bit outdated but the place still gets a lot of visitors especially from Munich. The casino has an entrance fee and all visitors are required to dress up as the dress code here is pretty much formal. There are several slot machines in the casino but there are also table games such as poker and blackjack.

Casino Megeve, Megeve, France


This ski resort was built with old style architecture and it is a great place for intermediate skiers and it has an old wooden chalet style. This casino is also deemed to be the liveliest among the string of French alpine casinos. The casinos are certainly built to cater to its wealthy clientele. Not all guests here are French as around a fifth of the total visitors are foreigners. With table games for roulette and blackjack as well as an ample number of slot machines, the casino can entertain not only those who have thick wallets but also the younger set who are not too wealthy. With its attractive gaming hall, people who do not wish to go skiing can still have a good time. The place is jumping during weekend and there are certainly a lot going on during this time.


With winter on its way, it would be great to make travel plans in advance. You always have the option to catch some winter sun but while the snow is still falling, it would also be nice to enjoy the season and take the time to do something such as skiing and other winter activities. Should you find yourself bored or wary of the slopes, you can always spend an exciting time on the tables and winning some money while enjoying the snow.


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