A Round Up of the most popular Online Gambling Games

Casino Concept. VectorIf you’re a responsible gambler, playing your favourite games online can be a really fun (and sometimes very rewarding) hobby. There are countless different types of games out there for all levels of gamer and for all interests.

If you’d like to give online a gambling a go but aren’t sure what options are available to play, we’re here to help. Here is a round up of some of the best and most popular games to try out online.

Online casinos

Starting with the most recognised, the online casino is the first port of call for any new online gambler. There are now more reputable sites out there than ever, so choose your site wisely and you’ll be fine. Whilst there won’t be the razzle dazzle of the physical casinos in the form of bars and waitresses, they offer convenience and just as much variety (if not more) as the real thing.


Poker is arguably the most popular online casino game, as its popularity has funnelled through from the physical game. While there is certainly an element of chance to poker, it is surprising just how rarely a player’s luck actually matters in big money online poker games. It’s definitely one of those games you’ll need some practice at before coming a pro, so try out sites that offer free games when you sign up, or low deposits so you don’t part with too much cash at the beginning.


Online roulette is actually a lot more fast paced than the physical version, as you won’t have to wait for other players to place their bets. It’s just as exciting and enticing, as most great sites will have good graphics to highlight the roulette spin, so you won’t lose out on the fun of the game.


Slot machines at online casinos work exactly as you’ve experienced them in the real world. You place a bet and pull a virtual lever, and a number of drums spin around. Slots are all about luck and chance, though there are a few tactics you can pick up along the way, such as knowing when to take a break from a certain machine/game and move on, which can help your cash flow.


Blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world. In it, players try to draw a better hand than the dealer without drawing a point value of more than 21. Every online casino offers some form of blackjack, and many even offer blackjack tournaments.


Online bingo is bringing the game to a whole new audience – it’s no longer just about OAPs in dusty bingo halls anymore. Online bingo is enjoyed worldwide across a range of ages and for both genders. It’s perfect for those looking for something simple, easy to dip in and out of, and for something that’s fairly familiar.


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