6 Card Bingo – Exclusive online Bingo Free Pass

888-ladiesAs a bingo games blog, we are proud to give you players an online bingo offering for free. We are starting a new trend offering free casino games experience between affiliated casino blogs, so the time has come to have some fun for free. What does it mean? You get a free unlimited free taste of many games and today… is the turn of 6 Card Online Bingo!

 Why playing free 6 Card Online Bingo?

The reason behind this offering of free 6 Card Online Bingo is fairly straightforward. Being ourselves players, we do know that it is frustrating to many the fact that to try out a game, you have to invest from your own pocket. Even if you read a description, you don’t know a game until you played it and that is a fact.

Game Mechanics

If you are wandering through our dear online bingo blog, chances are you are an experimented bingo games player. 6 Card Online Bingo offers a regular bingo games experience, but one that comes with its own twist to spice things up. When starting the game, you will have 6 cards on top of your gaming board. There will be a button that will give you the option of choosing New Cards and another for those who like it fast and aggressive, this option is named Turbo.

The game features a grand total of 85 balls and your objective is to fill up the cards utilizing the least number of balls possible. Always remember to pay attention to the color meter that lies upon the center of the board, as it marks your progress in the game.

Lack of Bonus Round… with a Trick!

Offered by bingo games masters 888 Ladies, 6 Card Bingo doesn’t give players bonus rounds, which may disappoint some. However, they do offer a massive jackpot that will satisfy any player. If you get to win, a grand total of GBP 10,000.00 will go your account. Remember that you are playing for free in this exclusive Bingo Talisman offering, so you won’t be able to win real money. You can easily change up that by clicking in the superior right corner.




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