6 Bingo Terminologies for New Players

bingo bolsaBingo is such an enjoyable game and there are a lot of cool things about this making it such a hit for several online gamers. Although socialization is one of the best reasons why there are a lot of people who are fascinated with bingo, no one can deny that playing bingo online can also be cool. For one, the number of players in landbased bingo is limited to the number of people who can fit inside a bingo hall but in online bingo the number of people who can play the game is not, by any means, limited by the bingo hall’s capacity. The jackpots in online bingo also happen to be bigger due to the number of players. Among all types of games to chance, bingo also happens to be one of the fairest since winning can be attributed mostly to luck. Plus, manipulating this game can be really tricky. Given all of these advantages which are offered by bingo, it is good to know that the game evolved with time. Online and offline bingo has been offered by many game developers and bitcoin bingo has been introduced to cater o gamers who prefer to do their gaming using bitcoins as their main currency.

With all the hype that bingo is receiving from many gamers, it is also important to know the basic bingo terminology in order to have a better understanding of this game. Here is a rundown of the most common terminology which is used in the game:

Early Bird

In many instances, bingo games have a certain schedule and when the game is made before that schedule, it is usually called the early bird. The game can either be a short game or have the regular length. Nevertheless, there are times when the term is used to refer to the first game in a bingo session although the term Warm Up is commonly reserved for such games.

Admission Packet

This refers to the admission price that must be paid in order to qualify for a bingo game but such price comes in the form of a minimum number of cards. The admission packet will be different from one place to another but for a game; the number of cards is usually from 3 to 8. There could also be cards for special games that are part of the admission packet.

Buy In

This is a term that you will encounter whether you are playing bingo online or you are in the bingo hall. Buy in actually refers to the act of depositing money in order to gain admission to a game. In simpler terms, it can either refer to the purchase of an admission packet of payment for admission.

Eyes Down

Just like other types of games, there is a unique cue to bingo players when the session is about to start. In this case the bingo caller says eyes down when the game is about to begin.

Catch Up

This is a term that is quite common to a lot of online bingo players. This refers to the automatic mechanism wherein all the numbers on your online Bingo cards are marked once it is called. This mechanism is actually cool and attractive to a lot of Bingo players as it makes maintaining multiple bingo cards easier.

Wrap Up

If there is a term for the first game in a bingo session, there is also a special name for the last game in the session and, the game is fittingly called Wrap Up.


There is no denying that even if bingo is easy to play it would be awesome to know the jargon exclusive to bingo gamers as it will make your gameplay easier.


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