5 Things That You Should Do While in Vegas That Doesn’t Involve Gambling

volcanLas Vegas is certainly a city that many people dream of visiting not only because it has some of the best gaming tables but the place itself is a thing of interest. There are certainly some things that you can do here without really getting into a fortune changing game. In fact, there’s more to those casinos than just the floor where money changes hands every second. To have a better appreciation of Vegas and its casinos, here are some suggestions:


Get a Good View of Wynn Las Vegas from the Inside

There is something really cool in Wynn Las Vegas and it seems like a hill which is crawling with trees when seen from the outside. But, the only way to appreciate this is to look at it from the inside as it was designed that way. You have to go take the staircase to the Lakeside Seafood or the SW Steakhouse terrace to view the manmade mountain. From there, you will surely see the genius behind its creation as it provides you with a multimedia experience by combining horticulture water, light and architecture.


Discover Egypt at the Luxor

Things which are quite unbelievable happen. In many Las Vegas casinos, one such attraction that you shouldn’t miss is the pyramid at Luxor. Recreating Egypt is perfect for the terrain of the place making it a must see while you are in the vicinity. Plus, this place is more fun than recreations of other cities as it suits the topography. The glass pyramid is quite a sight and a high beam light shoots from the place at night. And, you see this light can be seen even in space and it is quite attractive to bats especially during the summer.


Watch a Volcano Erupt at the Mirage

Seeing a volcano erupt may not be the first thing that you think of when fun is what is on your mind but it would be awesome to see this manmade volcano at the mirage simulate an eruption. This artificial volcano has hourly eruptions from 6 to 11 pm and it is free. Located just a few paces from its walkway, you should go out of your way and drop by just to see this crazy sight that involves a crazy play of lights, water splashing and as all eruptions go, lots of fire power not to mention the background music which makes the entire episode feel a bit realistic.


Enjoy a charming sight at the Bellagio

Vegas has been featured in a lot of movies and one of the things here that is quite a favorite where these movies are concerned is the jumping fountain in the Bellagio. The play of the water and the lights make this sight something which is not just wonderful when seen in movies but also in real life. The fountain attraction actually feels more like an appetizing sight making the place really attractive although the shows which are shown here are a bit more expensive.


Drink with Mermaids at the Silverton

Vegas is a place where you can find the oddest things and sights but if you are in the mood for underwater fun without getting wet then, you should spend some time at the Silverton where you can guzzle up your drinks with mermaids in the background. It is quite weird to have women in fins before you but it is undoubtedly something that makes the place feel different from other bars.


More than just casinos, these gaming halls in Vegas have gone out of the way to provide entertainment to its clientele. And with all of these things awaiting you, Vegas is certainly a cool place not just for gaming but also for exploring.


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